Out of all Java tutorials I have come across, this one is the best, the author speaks to you like he is right next to you and understands you.


Though I am not a beginner to programming. (Its almost 15 years Since I stopped programming). I find this very interesting. And I may even start programming again.


I have been reading all your tutorials and I think that your teaching style is very well implemented for someone of my learning ability and speed. Not that I have a hard time learning its just that I dont understand programming very easily. Your blog is exactly what I was looking for.


I was looking for a way to ease into Java after some basic experience with VBA and SQL. Thanks for posting… you’ve provided an excellent balance of insight and encouragement to keep frustration at bay.


Well-written post. You have a lucid style of writing – looking forward to reading more from you.
Oh, and excellent domain name :)


This is AWESOME!!! You have NO idea how many Java books and materials i have downloaded and bought in my bid to learn the language. I have NEVER been able to make it through 3 chapters! I have even had the JDK installation file on my system for over six months now. Didn’t install it because i couldn’t find material that laid out the concepts in plain simple English. I am sort of a DIY person, but Java has been proving difficult, maybe because i didn’t have suitable tutorials. I stumbled on your site by mistake via google reader, and I think i just found the RIGHT tutorial! Please don’t stop posting as i am going to be following everything step by step. Already got java installed along with your springsource recommendation. I am hot and ready to go along with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! Great site and great writing style.


Thanks so much for these short concept tutorials! I’m definitely not a beginner because I learned Java in school 2 years ago, but since then, I haven’t coded at all. I’m just getting ready to go back to school now, and I’m so glad you refreshed me on some of the Java basics I had forgotten. So great tutorials, thank you! I would definitely recommend them even to people who aren’t coding beginners.


Thank you for this wonderful site! As a university student looking to freshen up before the semester starts, your site is a wonderful review. It is also extremely well written and to the point. You’re awesome!


This information needs to be passed to other people, and i will definitely do it.


Think this tutorial is wonderful. I love being exposed to a different language. I’m really starting to like Java, in large part due to this tutorial.


I just want to say thank you for providing these tutorials! I always had a bit of trouble understanding certain things in programming. My professors never really explained in detail the things you have covered or if they did, they didn’t explain it in a way that was easy to understand. As you mentioned in your tutorials the “scary” parts such as classes and methods is what always held me back as moving forward with developing applications/software. Now not anymore. Thanks!


Hi, I took a Java class last year and I’m about to take the 2nd level this year.
Just wanted to let you know what a great of a site you have.
I appreciate how you break things down using simple (human) language.
I was the only one in my class who never had any experience with programming and felt so out of place and confused when the teacher would use computer science terms with us so loosely.
This article is very valuable to people coming in with no knowledge of programming.
Keep up the good work!


Thank you!
This is my first time trying to approach any kind of programming language,
You make it look fun and interesting…


Hello there.
Excellent writing, great take on explaining coding to beginners! Having some experience in Java, Lua and Bash, I didn’t really learn anything, except for new ways of explaining these concepts, but it is a great, easy to understand article! Thank you, this goes into my bookmarks!